Evidence based raw feeding for dogs and cats – what do we KNOW now?

An invitation from the University of Helsinki:

An inaugural 2-day seminar at the University of Helsinki, Finland the 15-16th Sept. 2017

Food and diets are topics that for some reason makes heated discussions, so also when feeding pets! As there is nearly nothing published on this topic yet and as the dog owners are taking to the internet instead of asking veterinarians and animal nutritionists, we decided to fill this void: the DOGRISK research group at the Department of Equine and small Animal Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Helsinki, welcomes you to join!

When? Friday and Saturday September 15-16, 2017. Please register now!

Where? Depending on how many register, we might have to change the room but for now: Friday: University of Helsinki main building (Helsinki city center campus): Sali 12, Fabianinkatu 33, Helsinki, 3rd floor. Saturday, same address but Pieni Juhlasali, 3rd floor. Coffees served, lunches and dinners are on you. For whom? Friday there will be more topics that interest the raw food industry but also vets and students. Saturday for everyone; Veterinary practitioners, students, dog owners but as we believe in multidisciplinary research, we hope other discipline academics will attend.

Language: English.

Registration: asap, (cheaper before September 1st, 2017). For registration please make one registration per person with e-mail address, telephone number and which day/days each of you will participate. Also, please inform if you are coming to dinner on Friday (everyone pays the dinner for themselves) and if you have some special dietary needs.

Cost: We will take a seminar fee as all revenues will go to sponsoring the nutrition research done by the DOGRISK research group at the University of Helsinki. In this way you simultaneously contribute to our funding…

The fee covers only lectures and coffees, but NO TRAVELING OR ACCOMODATION.

-Vets from other than the university, dog owners, industry, others: 150 euros/day/person

-University faculty/vets (-50%): 75 euros per/day/person

-University of Helsinki students (please show your student card at the registration): FREE!

-Dog food industry: 150 euros/day/person. Upon request; tables at lecture hall entrance, by coffee stands (Be quick, there are only very few! For prices, please contact us at )

Payment of seminar fee: To the DOGRISK account Nordea FI9610153500102368 before 1st of September, 2017. Receiver is Anna Hielm-Björkman / DOGRISK. After this date; 50 euros extra on top. Cancellation free till 1st of September, after that no refund.

For more info: Please contact Anna Hielm-Björkman, Docent, DVM, CVA, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dep. of Clinical Veterinary Sciences, Surgery, P.O.Box 57, 00014, University of Helsinki (UoH), FINLAND ; Tel:-358-(0)44-3270462;

Friday 15th Septemper 2017:

8.00-9.00 Registration outside Sali 12, Fabianinkatu 33, 3rd floor (University main building)

9.00-9.15 Why we need a seminar for raw food and feeding, program, welcome – Anna Hielm-Björkman, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki (UoH)

9.15-10.00 Which bowl of food does the dog select? Instinctive diet selection in the domestic dog – Mark Roberts, PhD student; AgResearch/ Massey University, New Zealand (NZ)

10.00-10.45 The effect of fibre inclusion in raw red meat diets on faecal parameters, including the microbiome” –Nina Butowski, PhD Student, AgResearch, Massey, NZ

10.45-11.15 Coffee and interaction

11.15-12.00 Effects of raw meat structure on feeding behaviour in domestic cats – Professor Dave Thomas, Massey University, NZ (Massey/Wageningen project)

12.00-12.45 The associations between foods and diets versus different neoplasias and cancers- data from the DOGRISK questionnaire – Anna Hielm-Björkman, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UoH

12.45-13.45 Lunch

13.45–14.30 The role of the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturors Association) Raw Group in raising standards, promoting responsible raw feeding, educating stakeholders, and monitoring the commercial raw market” – Michael Bellingham, PFMA Chief executive, also heading the PFMA raw pet food group, London, Great Britain.

14.30–15.00 What has so far been reported on pathogenic bacteria in pet food and their transmission to humans – do we know if there is a real risk? – Professor Maria Fredriksson-Ahomaa, Dept. of Food Hygiene and Environmental Health, UoH

15.00-15.30 Coffee and interaction

15.30–16.15 Greetings from clients, vets and nutritionists to the raw food industry. – All researchers and nutrition consults

16.15–17.00 General discussion, Q&A, what now?

19.00 Dinner (at own cost) will be organized at 19.00 in the city so please indicate if you plan to eat with us (First come-first served principle: We take reservations to one restaurant, until there are no more places available) ————————————————————————————————————————————— Saturday 16th September:

8.00-9.00 Registration outside Pieni juhlasali, Fabianinkatu 33, 3rd floor (University main building)

9.00-9.15 Why we need a seminar for raw food and feeding, program, welcome – Anna Hielm-Björkman, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UoH 9.15-10.00 Raw diet and immunity in dogs Johanna Anturaniemi, M.Sci (animal breeding, genetics), PhD student (animal nutrition), student of DVM, UoH

10.00-10.45 Hematology and clinical chemistry in dogs eating different kind of diets Noora Sjögren DVM, M.Sci (animal nutrition), PhD student (DVM) UoH 10.45-11.15 Coffee and interaction

11.15-12.00 Targeted Metabolomics analysis for determining metabolic changes after a high fat, low carb raw food diet compared to a low fat, high carb dry diet Robin Moore, M.Sci student, Dept. of Organic Chemistry, UoH

12.00-12.45 Ideas on how dog and cat food metabolism might really work…and what is a keto-genic diet in dogs? Anna Hielm-Björkman, UoH

12.45-13.45 Lunch 13.45-14.30 Five Conditions to Think Raw – Dr. Nick Thomson, BSc (Hons) Path Sci., BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS. President Raw Feeding Veterinary Society –

14.30–15.00 What you or your clients need to know about switching to raw – safely – Malin Ekblom, Raw food author and consultant, Finland. 15.00-15.30 Coffee and interaction

15.30–16.15 Instinctive diet selection in the domestic dog – Mark Roberts (PhD student; AgResearch/ Massey University, NZ) OBS: Same lecture as Friday morning!

16.15–17.00 The effect of fibre inclusion in raw red meat diets on faecal parameters, including the microbiome” –Nina Butowski, PhD Student, AgResearch, Massey University, NZ OBS: Same lecture as Friday morning!

Newsletter May 2017

Hello all in NoVAS,

I trust you’ve all had a nice Easter holiday?! And then – we were all ready for a nice and warm spring – BUT – looking out today, this seems to take some time; snow covers daffodils, crocus, violets and all the (too?) early green bushes, trees and lawns…It is tempting – but I will, however, not make any jokes about the threat of global warming right now…

Next week we celebrate our national day in Norway, 17th May, and for that we would like to book a nice and sunny day 🙂

A new board was elected at the Annual Meeting in Denmark – see the board page.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the board!


Finland: 113 EURO into NORDEA: FI35 1151 30002209 79

Sweden: 1070 SEK into Swedbank Bg. Nr 961-0871

Denmark: 835 DKK into Spar Nord Bank: 7470 4562 0779 82

Norway: 1025 NOK into DnB NOR: 7177.05.51441



NB: those of you that attended the Annual meeting, have already paid – as this was part of the fee for the meeting 🙂



  • This year’s BIG happening is no doubt IVAS International Congress in Cairns, Australia,

August 23rd – 26th 2017

Please see IVAS’ homepage for more information:

  • Also – Kim Samuelsen is arranging a course in Equine Respiratory Diseases in TCVM, at his place in Ejdrup, Denmark,

October 21st – 22nd 2017

You should all have received information about this course on email.

  • Patricia Kortekaas, PT from Oregon, USA is finally back in Denmark with her course Introduction to Animal Osteopathy®class

The teaching is on dogs in English, please read the attached description of the two first modules. When you have learned, the techniques it will be possible to see them transferred to horses by Cecilie Stadler, PT and Rikke Schultz, DVM.

The course is open for veterinarians and human PT’s.

The course will be in 6 modules over three years 2017 to 2019 -2020. The dates for the two first modules are 15th to the 18th of June 2017 and possibly the 4th to the 7th of January 2018 (will be clear at the first modul).

Place: In the Roskilde area about 25 km south-west of Copenhagen.

Price: The price for the two first modules are 1000 EURO + VAT. It covers the teaching, material, breakfast the first day and lunch all 4 days as well as coffee/the, cake and snacks. Payment no later than two month before beginning of the module. An invoice will be send out. I case of cancellation later than 30 days prior to the first course day there will be no refund.

Maximum 20 people and there will be 4-5 teaching assistants.

Please contact us for registration or questions.

Cecilie Stadler: mobil +4540459198


Rikke Schultz: mobil +4524400015



Billund, Denmark 31st March – 2nd of April

NoVAS Annual meeting this year was arranged together with DMAS (Danish Medical Acupuncture Society). And thanks to Birgitte Langvad, who is member of both NoVAS and DMAS, we had the meeting at nice Refborg hotel in Billund; actually the same place we had our annual meeting in 2014, but this year even nicer as the hotel has been totally renovated! Attendees for the meeting was a new “record” for us; 30 NoVAS members present – in addition to the 19 members from DMAS – very nice indeed ��. There is every reason to believe that this was due to the lecturer we were fortunate to “get hold” of – Dr Daniel Keown.

He is the author of the book “The Spark in The Machine – How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine”. If you have not already read this book – it is highly recommended! Also – take a look at Dr Keown’s videos on the vimeo channel – or on YouTube. Inspiring and interesting lectures, indeed!

Dr Keown demonstrating channel palpation…:

denmark 2017 2

…and importance of fascia & organs:

denmark 2017 3

Also, Lene Nielsen led us all through a great Qi gong session (here we are – busy Qi gonging!)

denmark 2017 4denmark 2017 5

And of course – we enjoyed good food and drink and great company with old and new colleagues!


See the following congress link on interesting human acupuncture congresses, put in the adresses as your favourites and you can go in and see their programs:

In English:



      • Register yourself for a congress or meeting in time
      • Send in info any change (name, email, address, telephone) for us to be able to have an updated memberlist – at all times! to Majken Möller –our treasurer
      • Send in questions, ideas or info on upcoming events to one of us on the board
      • Keep checking the NoVAS’ homepage for news

NEXT NEWS LETTER will be out after next board meeting (September 2017) – when we will have information about next year’s annual meeting.; if you have requests or wishes for special topics – feel free to contact the board!!!We on the board wish you all a warm and lovely Summer! 😀

NoVAS Annual Meeting 2017


to NoVAS’ Annual meeting 2017 in Denmark

Time and place:

Friday 31st March – Sunday 2nd April 2017 in Billund (DK) –

Course start: Lunch from 13-14, Registration 14-14.30, Lectures start at 14 o’clock

at Refborg hotel – see:

This year we will have our meeting together with members of DMAS – Danish Medical Acupuncture Society – see:

Lecturer and topics:

Dr. Daniel Keown – author of the book “The Spark in the Machine” How the science of Acupuncture explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine.

Dr. Keown has some videos out on vimeo channel and thought you might like to have a look at these before the lectures – see:

Lectures will be held in English


See Refborg hotel’s homepage for information.

Make sure to book your own hotel-rooms directly with the hotel!

Bed/breakfast single room: 750 DKK

Double room: 850 DKK

Your hotel-rooms and travel are not included in the course-fee.

How to get there:

The hotel is 5 min drive from Billund airport (Taxi: DKK 200-300 – but you can actually just walk ;)). Please ask if you need help to organize your travels – but general information on how to find the hotel is given on the hotel’s homepage.

Registration and course fee:

Register on e-mail to Venla Kärki: with name, address,, e-mail, NoVAS member, Vet student.

Registration at the latest: March 1st !!!

The course fee includes: lectures and lecture-notes, wet labs, NoVAS/IVAS 2017-18 membership fee, tea-coffee/break-snacks, lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday, BIG dinner party!!!

Paying before 1st March: NoVAS members: Euros 600 / NOK 5400 / DKK 4460 / SEK 5800

Non-members: Euros 610 / NOK 5500 / DKK 4560/ SEK 5900

Vet.students: Euros 510/ NOK 4600 / DKK 3800 / SEK 4900

Paying after 1st March: NoVAS members: Euros 620 / NOK 5600 / DKK 4600/ SEK 6000

Non-members: Euros 640 / NOK 5700/ DKK 4700/ SEK 6200

Pay to Bank in your own country: (don’t forget to write your name!)

Finland: FI35 1151 3000 2209 79

Norway: DnBNOR 7177.05.51441

Denmark: Spar Nord 7470- 4562 077 982

Sweden: Swedbank Bg. nr. 691-0871 (new account)